This game takes place in a different world, where all creatures have an elemental "affiliation". This decides what powers they have, as creatures also have powerful abilities. Some creatures could even overthrow the world if they wished. The stronger creatures are even sentient. You play as a servant to the lord of one of the elements, which is the most powerful creature in that element, and that creature possesses the orb of that element, which is what makes them so powerful. The orb gives the wielder almost infinite power in that element, making them almost unstoppable. For eternity, all the elements have been in balance. However, recently all out war broke out between the elements. So, each lord got their most powerful servant to try to assassinate the lords of the other elements and take their orbs. This would give the elemental lord that possessed all the orbs infinite power.

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Base classes-
Fighter: Uses swords, axes, and other melee weapons. Relies on strength.
Mage: Uses staffs. Relies on intelligence.
Rogue: Uses daggers. Relies on dexterity.

Muscle: Increases damage with melee weapons for non-rogues.
Intelligence: Increases maximum MP(Mana Points) and magic damage.
Dexterity: Increases damage with melee weapons for rogues.
Endurance: Increases maximum HP(Health Points).

Weapons types-
Sword: A handle with a long blade attached to the end.
Axe: A handle with an axe blade protruding from it.
Battleaxe- An axe with two axe blades. (Fighter classes only)
Staff: A weapon that focuses the power of magical attacks. (Mage classes only)
Dagger: A one handed weapon with a handle and a short blade. (Rouge classes only)

Fire: Deals extra damage to ice, takes extra damage from water.
Ice: Deals extra damage to wind, takes extra damage from fire.
Water: Deals extra damage to fire, takes extra damage from energy.
Energy: Deals extra damage to water, takes extra damage from nature.
Nature: Deals extra damage to energy, takes extra damage from wind.
Wind: Deals extra damage to nature, takes extra damage from ice.
Light: Takes extra damage from darkness, deals extra damage to darkness.
Darkness: Takes extra damage from light, deals extra damage to light.

Advanced classes:
Necromancer- Mage type class that uses their powers to raise undead minions.(ABOVE LVL 5 SKILLS DARK ELEMENT ONLY)
Paladin- Warrior type class that lives to destroy all darkness.(ABOVE LVL 5 SKILLS LIGHT ELEMENT ONLY)
Knight-An advanced warrior.
Wizard-An advanced mage.
Assassin-A Rogue type class that knows how to blend in with the shadows.
Dragonslayer-A Fighter type class that lives to hunt down and kill dragons.
Dracomancer-A Mage type class that is one with their dragon bretheren.
Death Knight- A Mage/Warrior combination type class. A Paladin that has fallen and joined the ranks of Necromancers. They can wield both swords and staffs. They are also immortal. You must be fully trained as a Paladin and a Necromancer first!
And more!

Map: Yellow- Ragula, the only city known to exist. This is where Light creatures live in peace with humans.
Black- The Shadowlands, where Shadow Demons and other Darkness creatures run rampant. HIGHLY DANGEROUS!
Blue- Lake Valentix, home to the water creatures.
Gray- The Energy Chasm, this is where the creatures of the element Energy live.
Green- Surewould Forest, this is the home of the Nature Guardian and other Nature creatures.
Red- Volcania, this is the home of the creatures of fire.
Brown- The Great Desert, this is home to the Scorpion King and other Wind creatures.
White- The Great Southern Arctic, this is where creatures of Ice live.

(More information to be added, see bestiary)

I am now accepting 2 people to be Beta testers for this game. They will get bonus items and stats when the real game starts, and be allowed to test new weapons and classes when I come up with them.

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